How we measure satisfaction

Market share is very useful in assessing the popularity of competing tools, but it does little in explaining the market dynamics and the future outlook of tools. To understand these we need to look at how satisfied developers that use each tool are: the more satisfied tool users are, the less likely they are to migrate to a different tool given the opportunity.

In our Developer Economics surveys we ask developers which technologies they use - such as game engines - and the tools or platforms they prefer - such as Unity. We also ask them which attributes they consider the most important for each technology, including commercial aspects of tools such as pricing, community and learning curve, but also technical aspects, such as performance at runtime and quality of graphics achieved.

We then ask developers to rate the tools they use with respect to the attributes that they consider the most important on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. Based on these ratings we calculate a satisfaction score on each attribute for each tool. Attribute satisfaction scores show how different tools compare in different areas and where the market gaps are. We then combine the satisfaction scores across attributes to calculate an overall score, based on which we rank competing tools.

About SlashData

SlashData is the leading analyst firm in the developer economy, tracking global software developer trends via the largest, most comprehensive developer surveys worldwide. Our research helps the top technology firms understand who developers are, what tools are they using and where they‘re going next. Developer Economics is SlashData’s flagship research program reaching more than 30,000 software developers annually in over 150 countries across all platforms, technologies and developer segments, from mobile, IoT, cloud, and desktop to games, AR/VR and machine learning.

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